Beech Creek Cemetery, a small mountain cemetery and pioneer burial ground, is located in Clay County Kentucky in an area called Beech Creek. It lies about 3 miles east of Manchester, Ky. , the county seat. Its establishment began with the first burial being about 1870. Beech Creek Cemetery is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in southeastern Kentucky. Of many larger cemeteries from which to choose, Kentucky Governor Bert Combs choose this as his final resting place. Several of his pioneer ancestors are also buried here.

Many people visit our cemetery to mourn or simply feel closer to their loved ones, but others come for the peaceful solitude, beauty and history. The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars place flags on veteran's graves each Memorial Day to honor those who served our nation. A religious service has been conducted on every Memorial Weekend Sunday since 1918 to honor family ,friends and loved ones buried here.

Today, the cemetery is well maintained by dedicated caretakers, volunteers and a Board of Trustees whose oversight will ensure long term maintenance and perpetual care. The Beech Creek Cemetery, Inc is a non-profit tax exempt entity whose sole source of income is from voluntary contributions and donations from those who wish to support it. This contributes to the preservation of its history and integrity as a pioneer burial ground.

It is the mission of the Beech Creek Cemetery Board of Trustees to provide the most efficient and effective maintenance and preservation of our historic cemetery. It is our goal to accomplish this mission while taking great pains to preserve its historic integrity. We strive to honor its deceased while giving careful attention to our fiscal responsibility to the residents and members of our community who have charged us with this task. To this end, we are pleased to be given the opportunity to perform these duties with the utmost respect and affection for this heritage and those who are buried here, and to provide a place of quiet beauty and serenity that beckons to the living.


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