Major accomplishments --- Beech Creek Cemetery, Inc.  Management Plan



·        Acquired parking lot


·        Developed operating Cemetery Management Plan (1996)-----revised 2004


·        Incorporated  Cemetery  via 5 Trustees as a tax-exempt charitable entity---contributions tax  deduct.


·        Conduct 1-2 annual business meetings or more as needed


·        Hold  traditional Memorial Day Service in Cemetery  +  luncheon annually


·        Established an effective  Financial Management Plan ----audit ready


·        Ensured Perpetual Care Plan---Cemetery and parking lot cleaned/mowed as needed


·        Installed new large entrance arch sign


·        New U.S. flag and KY banner flag purchased each year or as needed


·        Installed/posted  2 notification/contact signs  in Cemetery as well as road entrance sign


·        Completed informal survey  of Cemetery


·        Completed Cemetery  ‘gravestone inventory’  and book made available


·        Installed freeze-proof running water ground faucet


·        Cleared and installed a vehicle access  to top of Cemetery


·        Installed access gate at top of Cemetery


·        Installed  6 foot wide concrete steps + handrail  under new entrance


·        Installed park benches (3).  Two at new entrance, one at podium


·        Removed tree stump at podium , re-contoured ground behind  podium bench and installed stone wall


·        Installed 6 foot wide gate  at new main entrance steps


·        Completed a contoured approach and poured concrete platform at main entrance


·        Applying fill dirt to sunken graves as dirt becomes available from new graves


·        Removing dead trees/obstructions where feasible as needed